So:Me Designer Plush Collection Review

My best friend posted a link on Facebook to a free giveaway a couple months back. The giveaway required you to comment and share the link, which I also did, hoping to win this sweet little pig for her. Ironically, I actually won! I was so excited!

The owner/designer messaged me to tell me to pick out 5 fabrics that I liked best and she would send an animal of my choice in one of the 5 colors I chose. Within a week (maybe a few days more), this darling pig arrived. I loved him so much that I wanted to keep him for myself!

The overall product was very nice. The fabric, beautiful; the stitching, on point; and the labeling and pig tail accent, icing on the cake! The designer also creates french bulldogs, elephants, and cats. If she comes out with a penguin, I will be among the first to buy!


So gorgeous, right?!


Look at the details!

Check out the Facebook page or go to the Shop.

St. Patrick’s Day Memory Game

My son found a memory game at our friend’s house that we were staying at while on vacation last week in Florida. For some reason, he was hooked on the game for days. So, when we returned home, I thought I would make my own for him and I to play… and to share with you!

I threw in a little something extra though. There are a few “sorry” cards to make the game a little more interesting. Pick one up and it’s automatically the other person’s turn. Play this game, otherwise, just like any other memory game.

I’ve included a back side if you’d like to use it, otherwise, your cards will show white.


Click here for the front page.

Click here for the back page (if you want a more colorful back to your cards).

Faith. Hope. Love. Mint Tee

I started a company in October 2011 called Trumissive. It’s a clothing company that features minimal design to share the true meaning of life… to spread joy and the love of Christ. It’s been a slow moving project, but one day, I hope to work Trumissive full time. One of my favorite tees from my collection is the Faith. Hope. Love. tee featured below. The design includes a cross representing Faith, an anchor symbolizing Hope, and a heart for Love.


Lucky for me, my best friend is a model and is always willing to help a sista out. (She’s used to me asking her for a favor and before I really explain what the favor is, she always says yes. THAT, my friends is the definition of a true friend.)


While Jen was over, I threw in another request. (I’m sneaky like that.) I asked if she would model my new Strawberry Revolution Studio Tie-Back. I am so in love with this company. They create headbands that are more than just headbands. They are stylish, handmade wonders that I’m going to be easily addicted to for a long time. The Studio Tie-Back below is Charcoal Hero.


Whether you are looking for something stylish and trendy to accent your outfit or just something to help keep your hair out of your face, I highly recommend checking out Strawberry Revolution.

If you’d like to purchase the Faith. Hope. Love. mint tee, check out my little shop here. (I usually only carry paper goods, but will have the occasional not-so-paperish item for sale as well.)

Handsewn, Square, Mini Notepads

My very first blog entry. Wow. Let’s allow this to sink in for a moment.

Whew. Ok. I think I’m good. I have a lot of ideas to share with whoever may read this little space of mine and I’m very excited to get this blog rolling.

So without further rambling, this is what you’ll need for this little project:

  • One piece of decorative scrapbook paper
  • Two pieces of light colored scrapbook paper (that match the decorative paper)
  • Scissors
  • Sewing needle
  • Twine or DMC embroidery floss

This will make 4 notepads. (I’m displaying two different “decorative” papers below to show possible options for the “cover” of your notepads.)


Start by folding your papers in half. Then, fold the outside edges into the inside fold you just made. (Do this for the light colored paper and your decorative “cover” paper.


Cut the strips.


Now, fold the strips in half, and cut. (Do this for the light colored paper only.)


Fold the cut pieces in half. They should look like this. One sheet will make 2 notepads. Divide the stacks in half so that you have 4 pieces of folded paper in each stack.


Now, take your decorative paper and fold one of the strips in half. Tie a knot at the end of your string. Starting from the inside of the paper, poke a hole and pull until the knot gets caught on the back of the paper. (It will be on the inside.)

PINK6 new

Overcast or saddle-stitch the entire way around. Do not worry about being a perfectionist. (I have issues with this too, but it isn’t necessary to have your stitches perfectly spaced or even… just try to get them close!)

PINK7 new

At the corners, sew threw the same hole twice. When you come back around to the beginning. Loop your thread through a previous stitch and create a knot securing your string. Cut off remaining thread.


I used a 3-ring hole punch, but a single would work easier. Cut two holes in your stack of light colored paper as well as your decorative paper that you just stitched.


Place them together and wrap a string through the holes twice so that the remaining string comes out of the top of the decorative paper.

pink10 new pink11 new

Tie into a bow on top.


You may want to cut your sheets of paper if they do not line up properly once you’ve folded them inside of each other.

That’s it! Cute, little, square notepads are now ready to be given away or tucked into your purse.